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What is Fusion?

Fusion creates HDR (high dynamic range) photos by capturing different exposures and then combining them into one perfectly exposed photo. The Fusion camera analyses the scene to compute exposures and captures three bracketed photos instantaneously. The photos are then ‘fused’ together in the Fusion editor, taking the best exposed areas of each one, to create a beautiful final image.


Fusions's camera is different. Just point and lock, like with an DSLR. It keeps your fingers in the same place the whole time, keeping you in control.


Analyze your shot in real time and see the exposure brackets.

Steady Shot

Delay your shot until the camera stops moving.

Easy Release

Shutter is released on button release. Allows perfectly timed shots.


Spot Meter

Narrow the exposure calculation area to get better results.

Exposure Lock

Lock in the exposure you have and re-compose the shot.

Focus Lock

Lock in the current focus and re-compose the shot.


Fusions's editor is powerful. It's got the right mix of creative tools that put you in the driver's seat.


Take as much of the best parts of each exposure as you like.


Tweak the fused image's exposure and contrast.


Sharpen or add some drama with Intensity.

White Balance

Compensate for the color temperature of the scene's lighting.


Color Effects

Punch up the overall color or warm up your photo for the right effect.

Export Exposures

You have full access to all of your exposures.


Send your creations to social sites or order a canvas for your wall.

Recent List

Fusion’s session list stores your photo sets, which lets you choose your workflow. Take your shots and develop them later. Jump back into a session and continue editing. It's up to you.

See Exposures

See what the exposures look like and learn to take better shots.

View Info

See detailed info about your photos.


Delete Bad Shots

Swipe to delete any of those shots you don't like.

Restart Edit Session

Jump back into an edit session and continue where you left off.

Compare Result

Drag the divider to compare Fusion's results vs a normal shot.

Fused Image Fused
Normal Normal

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